About Us


    With RICHES ET CÉLÈBRES shoes, you'll feel extraordinary, putting your signature on the world. To start, this means we offer meticulous workmanship by our small (Canadian) team designing in-house, by hand, spending as much time as it takes until achieving perfection in design and of every detail, curve and stich.

   We also use the finest and rarest materials – hand-crafted hardware made of earth's finest elements, and rare fabrics and materials such as crystals, leather, satin, and silk.

   We manufacture our signature pieces in Milan, a mecca for fine Italian finish. Through our boutique house, the customer trumps productivity, and quantities are scarce, bringing back the true meaning of Luxury. Our look, inspired by our passion for detail and the purity of true luxury, is eye-catching, our customers are precious and rare, and it is our most core value to always treat them this way.


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